Marin Real Estate what to expect?

It can be tough to keep up with a constantly changing market, but there are a few key indicators that can tell you what to expect in real estate. What should you worry about if you try to sell a house in the future? Less to Spend: Fortune magazine predicts that the future of America’s real estate market will rely on the buying habits of the young. The largest single group of Americans are 23 years old, and many of them have student debt. The number of people under 35 who own homes dropped 12 percentbetween 2006 and 2011. Aging Population: The second biggest age group is 54 years old, and they’re mostly looking to downsize. The baby boomers are likely to be the wealthiest generation of senior citizens America has ever seen, and that means a boom in age-restricted developments. Diverse Buyers: Fortune also states that the rising generation is more diverse than any previous one, and that fewer foreign-born Americans are likely to own a home than Americans born here. Telecommuters: The shift to telecommuting offers many benefits, like fewer traffic accidents and a gain of 2.5 weeks of time annually. But it also means that “a significant number of companies are downsizing their physical space,” reports, which could limit opportunties for realtors. David N. Swaim Tam Realty Inc Owner DRE#1070789 415-710-5504 609 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo CA 94960 Serving all of Marin County

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