Let’s get sleepy hollow, sleepy again, please slow down!

Let’s work together to make Butterfield Road safer! Spring is here, summer is around the cor- ner and there are more kids riding their bikes and walking to school and swim practice than ever. The Butterfield Cor- ridor Safe Streets committee is launching the community’s first safety campaign the last two weeks of April with a myriad of relevant messages to remind us all to slow down and drive carefully. As part of the campaign, our three neighborhood schools (Brookside, Hidden Valley and San Domenico) will be promoting a full week of “green” commuting so more kids on the road for sure! Follow These Safety Guidelines: Slow Down and Do Not Tailgate – that slowpoke in front of you is likely going the speed limit! Look Out for Kids at Crosswalks and Using the Bike Lanes – be cour- teous and stop at crosswalks, slowing down when passing kids on bikes. Distracted? Don’t let the kids/dog/ smart-phone in your car prevent you from seeing the kids/dogs/cyclist right in front of you! (April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in CA.) Parking – If you park on Butterfield, please park so that pedestrians and cyclists can pass without being forced into the traffic lane. Please remind your guests or anyone who works on your property to do the same. Share the Shoulder! David N. Swaim Tam Realty Inc Owner DRE#1070789 415-710-5504 609 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo CA 94960 www.tamrealty.com Serving all of Marin County

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