Marin economic forum speaker is F-16 Pilot Keynote Anthony—June-Event-with-F-16-Pilot-Keynote-Anthony–AB–Bourke.html?soid=1112846090449&aid=GDlJHmAVS1g Leading at Mach 2 – June Event with F-16 Pilot Keynote Anthony “AB” Bourke Anthony “AB” Bourke, fighter pilot and business executive, is an experienced keynote speaker and proven business leader with a strong history of delivering dynamic, interactive, keynote speeches to a wide range of organizations. Bourke’s 15 years of speaking to Fortune 1,000 and conference audiences around the world are a testament to his ability to motivate, energize and provide your team with real takeaways that they can implement the minute they walk out the door, challenged and inspired by his keynote speech. All great leaders have a system for driving peak performance. This hard-charging, high-impact keynote offers your leaders the straightforward, critical tools that U.S. fighter pilots employ to lead their wingmen into the demanding environment of aerial combat. Learn how the best fighter squadrons and the best businesses in the world hire future leaders, how they then properly train those individuals and continually promote a process to stay one step ahead of the competition. “Walk away with tactics that will change your dynamic, and elevate your business to new levels” David Nolen Swaim Owner Tam Realty Inc DRE-1070789 609 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo CA 94960 415-710-5504

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