San Anselmo city Council race.

Kelly was elected in 2013 to a short term and is now seeking a four-year term. He is a businessman and served as chairman of the town Parks and Recreation Commission before joining the council. Kelly is also a staunch supporter of Measure E, the measure he and the council’s majority put on the ballot in response to Measure D, the initiative to remove Memorial Park from consideration as one of five emergency flood-control detention basins protecting the Ross Valley area. “My feeling is we should do as many detention basins as we can,” Kelly said. “I do believe the science is telling me that this makes sense.” Greene has been a critic of the proposal, saying that it would provide little protection for its sizeable cost – an estimated $17.4 million. He is the only council member to support Measure D and he warns that Measure E is financially risky and the Memorial Park basin plan is “panic-driven thinking.” Measure E would allow a planning process to continue to test the conclusions that Green and others have already reached. Torme and Brown offer voters candidates who bring to the job experience in serving the town. Torme served on the town’s open space committee. Brown, who is making his second run for council, was on the town’s finance committee. Even they split on flood control. “It’s a disaster that keeps on giving and it’s sure to happen again,” Torme, a local campaign consultant, told the IJ editorial board meeting with the four candidates. Her home has been flooded and she has been an outspoken activist pushing for progress toward possible solutions. Brown is a lifelong Marin resident and a local commercial real estate agent. He supports Measure D and says a better remedy would be putting detention basins at the top of the watershed and dredging Corte Madera Creek. He says the Memorial Park basin proposal is an example of “a failure of leadership.” On this important issue, the dividing line in clear. Greene’s lawsuit is another issue. He has every right to sue the town, but the town also has a responsibility to enforce its health and safety building codes without showing political favor. Greene isn’t asking for any. He argues that his apartment was legal when it was installed; however, two judges have looked at the issue and have ruled against him. He is now appealing the latest decision. The town has already spent more than $150,000 on the case. Greene’s lawsuit has strained his working relationships with town staff and other council members. He has worked hard to serve his constituents. We don’t always agree with him, but we have endorsed him in past elections. In deciding to seek a third term, however, Greene faced a decision between serving on the council or fighting Town Hall. The end of his term provided an opportune time for him to decide between the two. But Greene wants to continue both. He should not be on the council at a time when he’s suing the town. There should be a solution that settles the lawsuit and allows Greene to continue to live in what could be described as affordable housing. But the living quarters need to comply with the rules that everyone is expected to live by. Each of the four candidates brings to the job good credentials of community service. Flood control has taken center stage in this race. Past history and memories of destructive and dangerous flooding are enough to drive current progress toward possible solutions. In the Nov. 3 race for San Anselmo Town Council, the IJ recommends Doug Kelly and Lise Stampfli Torme. David Nolen Swaim Owner Tam Realty Inc DRE-1070789 609 San Anselmo Ave San Anselmo CA 94960 415-710-5504

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