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On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM, David Swaim <david@tamrealty.com> wrote:
> Can you confirm the below email was successfully posted to the blog on my > web site. There is an on going problem as I keep receiving an 404 error. > > > Fairfax’s The Utility Room mixes vintage, handmade, upcycled and new > > The > Utility Room, a boutique in Fairfax, features upcycled cashmere products, > jewelry, home goods and even homemade fudge. Photo by Rachel Weill. > > By Flora Tsapovsky > > First impressions are a tricky thing. Elizabeth Lavoie may look like an > actress—but then again, she really did spend her 20s acting in Los Angeles. > The one thing you’ll find harder to derive from Lavoie’s edgy and > fashion-forward look is a passionate love for customizing cashmere > sweaters—but that’s exactly what keeps her happy these days.The woman > behind The Utility Room, a new boutique in Fairfax, is full of > surprises.“After L.A., my 30s were a mix of having babies and getting a > masters in creative writing,” Lavoie says. In August of last year, she > opened The Utility Room after her previous retail venture, the well-loved > The Shop in Olema, became no longer hers. “My store is my sanctuary,” she > adds. “I have three kids, I’m single and sometimes I need a break.”The > Utility Room, full of attractive objects and motivational slogans, can be > an instant sanctuary for anyone who walks in; it is now the home of The > Utility Room the brand, which Lavoie started four years ago while juggling > other retail businesses.“I started the label when I had the opportunity to > have a space in The Garage, an artisan collective in Fairfax,” she says. “I > had no idea that this would become my career. At the time, I was a > stay-at-home mom; sewing was the thing that I got to do when my other > chores were done—it was dessert. Now sewing is my work, what I get to do > all day long.” > > The sewing machine located in the welcoming space is proof of that, and > often you’ll find Lavoie creating something on the spot, upon a customer’s > request. You’ll also find Lavoie’s upcycled cashmere products and other > projects, such as jewelry, girls’ dresses, serapes and even homemade fudge, > as well as a selection of curated home goods, design objects and > accessories with a strong Californian appeal. > > “I named the brand and the store The Utility Room because I’m a dedicated > utilitarian,” Lavoie says. “When I buy for the store, beyond my intuitive > sense of what pleases my eye, I look towards beauty and usefulness. With > clothing, that means comfort, but not at the price of style. My goal when I > design and buy is to populate the shop with clothes that a woman will feel > grounded in, feel herself in the best possible way. I incorporate vintage, > handmade, upcycled and new products in what is hopefully a magical jumble.” > > Lavoie’s own designs stem from a desire to “make use of discarded objects > by giving them new life.” The best example, perhaps, is the array of > cool-looking, fresh sweaters hanging in the shop. “I love cashmere but I’m > a bargain shopper,” she explains. “I’ve been sewing my whole life and it > occurred to me that I could salvage cashmere from thrift stores and either > refurbish the sweaters by washing, combing, mending and sometimes adding > appliqués over holes or stains, or by cutting them up and sewing them > together to make new garments. It’s a magic material; warm and breathable.” > > These adjectives could describe Fairfax itself, its laid-back charm easily > accommodating Lavoie’s latest endeavor. > > “I’m really passionate about this town,” Lavoie says. “Often, I’ll find > myself preaching its virtues to my out-of-town customers.” > > Lavoie grew up in Mill Valley, and Fairfax reminds her of Mill Valley in > the ’70s. “There is some economic diversity here, rare these days in Marin. > There are still artists and characters. I can’t walk down the street > without running into someone I know,” she muses. “It’s a small town with a > deep and quirky soul, a hint of sophistication added by the proximity of > San Francisco.” > > Lavoie’s been back in the area since 2000, living intermittently in > Fairfax and San Anselmo. “Currently, my zip code is in San Anselmo, but my > heart is in Fairfax,” she says. “I’m really proud to be a local, > independent business owner in this town where every shop and restaurant I > can think of is locally owned and run. My kids come and go, as do their > friends and mine. It’s a rich life.” > > *The Utility Room, 10 Bolinas Rd., Fairfax; theutilityroom.net > .* > Share this: > > – Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) > > – 1Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)1 > > – Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) > > – > > Related > > Food & Drink: Integrity in baking > Jul 9, 2015In > “Featured” > > Advice Goddess Oct 12, 2016In > “Advice Goddess” > > Feature: Dream team Feb 10, > 2016In “Fairfax” > > David N Swaim > Owner/Realtor -107078 > Town of San Anselmo Planning Commissioner > 415 710 5504 <(415)%20710-5504> phone/text > > Tamrealty.com > 609 San Anselmo Ave > San Anselmo CA 94960 > > >

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