Why Buy with TAM Realty

  • TAM Realty ranks among the best Realtors in Marin County for service
  • Our service goes beyond Real Estate. We truly understand your investment. We are consultants, educators and friends.
  • We are a dedicated local Realtor.
  • We are highly recommended across the internet with over 50 reviews and 5/5 stars everywhere!

Questions about your price range?

A number of factors determine the price range of homes you’ll want to preview – one of these factors is loan pre-qualification. As your real estate team, we will help you pre-qualify. Items considered when pre-qualifying for a mortgage loan include:

  • Employment History
  • Credit History and Scores
  • Monthly Income and Expenses

With our knowledge of the mortgage market, we’ll help you make an informed decision as to the type of loan you’ll want. There are many different types of loans to consider – FHA, VA, Conventional and even Bad Credit Loans. We’ll find the best loan for your situation.

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