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Portugal Real Estate: One of 2019’s Top Emerging Trends BY: WENDY STOKES JANUARY 28, 2019 BUSINESS
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Recent years have brought both uncertainty and unmissable opportunities for investors buying into Europe. Real estate leaders across the continent are very optimistic about what’s to come in 2019, though are becoming increasingly selective with regard to investment hotspots. Some of the usual safe-havens are no longer open for business, while other locations are emerging as firm favourites for the year ahead.
Unsurprisingly, the looming prospect of the UK leaving the EU is having an impact on real estate markets at home and abroad. Referred to as ‘the Brexit effect’, the UK’s EU departure is causing ripples that can be felt worldwide.
But rather than wreaking havoc on European property markets, it’s simply prompting investors to carefully think and re-think their short-term and long-term investment decisions.
Source: BBC The Brexit Effect As the biggest political and economic shift in the UK since the Second World War, the impact of Brexit is not to be underestimated. Irrespective of whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal, analysts worldwide predict a detrimental impact on the country’s economy.
Already, investors are turning their attention elsewhere, businesses are exiting the UK in record numbers and Britain’s capacity to attract talent from overseas is falling. Unfortunate for the UK, but the result of such uncertainty is a marked increase in investment activity in other parts of the Eurozone.
Or to put it another way, the UK’s somewhat bleak outlook due to the Brexit Crisis is playing right into the hands of many key European markets.
Portugal real estate The 2019 ‘Emerging Trends in Europe’ report singled out a bunch of European cities as the hottest investment prospects for the year ahead. By taking into account overall investment and development prospects in the area, Portugal real estate emerged as the leader of the pack.
Source: real-estate-portugal.com Specifically, Portugal properties in and around Lisbon showed remarkable promise for 2019 and beyond.
As many of the usual investment hot-spots around Europe hit their predicted peaks, attention is turning to the rising stars on the scene. Smaller and more dynamic cities, expected to experience enormous and continuous growth throughout 2019. Market analysts and economists have cited Lisbon’s quality of life and thriving tourist industry as two of its main points of appeal for investors.
A handful of larger ‘tried and tested’ markets appear in the top-ten listings for 2019, but the presence of several smaller newcomers like Lisbon is nonetheless notable.
A Key Talking Point Lisbon has become a key talking point among investors worldwide. It’s a city that’s creating a serious buzz that’s unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. Now at the very top of the Emerging Trends Europe rankings, Lisbon is a small market that nonetheless promises impressive returns.
The appeal of Lisbon as an investment hotspot is multi-faceted. For example, some are attracted by the region’s comparatively affordable real estate and cheap labour. Not to mention, Lisbon’s reputation in general life-quality stakes. Portugal as a whole has also become a hugely popular destination among national and international corporations looking to expand their operations and reach.
Source: TourRadar Such is the demand for quality residential and commercial real estate in Lisbon than affordable space is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Even with a raft of future development planned, there’s still nowhere near enough to satisfy growing demand. As a result, real estate prices in key parts of Lisbon are expected to skyrocket in the months and years to come.

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