Safeway might bring back the Andronico’s name in San Anselmo

Safeway might bring back the Andronico’s name
Shwanika Narayan Feb. 22, 2019 Updated: Feb. 22, 2019 8:17 p.m. Comments 4
1 of 4 Safeway is planning to open a new grocery store in the Richmond district using the Andronico’s Community Market name. Andronico’s was Photo: Jenna Lyons / The Chronicle
2 of 4 Last month, Safeway opened a grocery store in Monterey under the Andronico’s Community Market name.Photo: Leah Millis / The Chronicle 2016
3 of 4 The Inner Sunset location kept the Andronico’s name after Safeway acquired the five-store chain in 2016.Photo: Leah Millis / The Chronicle 2016 Safeway Inc. is considering reviving the Andronico’s Community Market name two years after buying the beloved Bay Area chain — and it may open an Andronico’s store in San Francisco’s Richmond District.
Four Andronico’s stores in the Bay Area were renamed Safeway Community Market after the 2016 acquisition, though the flagship store in the Sunset District kept the Andronico’s name. Another store in Monterey opened last month as Andronico’s.
“We’re exploring the idea of re-establishing the Andronico’s brand in the Bay Area,” Safeway spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall said in an email, declining to comment on timing.
In the Richmond District, Andronico’s is proposing to take over a Fresh & Easy location at 32nd Avenue and Clement Street that has been vacant since 2015. If approved, the 17,000-square-foot space could employ up to 70 people, according to a filing with the San Francisco Planning Department. The application is under review by city officials.
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The possibility of two Safeway Community Markets in Berkeley returning to the Andronico’s name was first reported by Berkeleyside.

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