San Anselmo Strong!

SAN ANSELMO, CA — As local business owners and residents, David and Kira Swaim are deeply involved and invested in San Anselmo. They also know firsthand how the new coronavirus crisis has impacted the local business community.
That’s why the couple, who co-own the real estate firm Tam Realty, recently launched a fundraiser for local businesses at They are selling T-shirts with the San Anselmo STRONG logo and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to local small businesses.
“We wanted to raise money for the business community while creating something members or our community could wear with pride,” said Kira Swaim, who has lived with her husband in San Anselmo for almost 14 years. “The goal is to keep San Anselmo business alive and strong.”
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The couple decided to help raise money for local businesses after participating in a Zoom call regarding the state of the town and the devastation of the business community.
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“On March 31, we woke up thinking about our small businesses community on the Avenue and in San Anselmo,” Swaim said.
The couple launched the fundraiser the following day.
“We knew we wanted to do something immediate to help,” she said. “Not something that would need to be analyzed and mulled over — just something that folks could sink their teeth into now.”
The motto, “San Anselmo STRONG,” seems fitting for a business community that has history of businesses supporting fellow businesses.
In fact, small-business leaders have already rallied to create sites such as, which highlights new daily and weekly menu specials from local restaurants, as well as, which showcases the people behind the storefronts.
“It defines the small-business culture of San Anselmo,” Swaim said about the shirt logo. “As a town already concerned with flooding and the emergency possibilities there, this community has internal strength to get through things.”
Swaim and her husband, who serves on the town’s planning commission, have been in business for nearly 14 years and in downtown San Anselmo for more than a decade.
They also hold positions on the Safe Streets Committee and with youth organizations such as Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships and Children for Change.
“We absolutely love San Anselmo and the character which defines us and our small town,” Swaim said.
“The business owners have passion, drive and deep commitment to our community. Being a small-business owner is no easy feat. It takes a certain type of strong personality. It is time to rally around them.”
The fundraiser runs through April 19.
As of Thursday morning, nearly 100 shirts have been sold, and several thousand dollars have been raised, Swaim said.
“We will work closely with the business community and town leaders to determine where the biggest need is for the funds,” she said. “The No. 1 goal is that they will support the small businesses and ultimately drive more sales into their shops, restaurants and storefronts.”

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