Our story

Tam Realty was started by a team that loves real estate, but, often finds the industry lacks something very important – an authentic human connection. To some degree, the salesy, “pull the wool over your eyes” realtor types are still too prevalent. The decision to buy a home and choose a place to raise a family and create memories, is never entered into lightly. Nor is the choice to put a home on the market and imagine moving elsewhere. These are personal decisions often rooted in deep emotion. At Tam, our team is genuine and brings humanity and sincerity to every transaction. Our clients are our friends and the importance of these relationships are the top priority.

The Tam team, founded by husband and wife David and Kira Swaim, came from larger firms and drew upon their experience there to build a unique real estate boutique located in downtown San Anselmo. They wanted to bring a realness to the world of real estate. They wanted to cut through a lot of the red tape and the old school way of real estate thinking and get to the basics. Connecting, serving and looking out for their clients. Their backgrounds in marketing, sales, construction and real estate easily melded together to create one of the top teams in Marin.

The partners and the agents are simply people — people like you. They are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and business people. But these are people who love and thrive in the world of real estate. They are guided by the philosophy that it’s easy to be successful when you have skill, work ethic and a true love for what you do. “Over the top client care and connection is our motto; helping clients buy or sell real estate is our practice.”


Our Services

We offer a variety of services to our clients. Most importantly, we offer our service, which in this market is more important than ever.  From nuts to bolts, we help you in the process of looking and finding your dream home or doing what it takes to get your home ready to sell at the highest price point possible.  We offer intangibles such as in-depth knowledge of all Marin towns, communities, schools and decades of real estate experience.  And although our home base is our office in the heart of downtown San Anselmo we have represented hundreds of clients throughout the entire county of Marin.  Each client is different.  And, it is only by truly taking the time to get to know each client authentically can we understand how best to serve them.


We Support Local Business


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