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My wife and I loved working with Kira and David to purchase our first home in September 2016! We were looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom condo in the Novato area, and they were able to provide lots of good advice, a friendly sounding board for our ideas, and ultimately our perfect home! We felt like they provided their undivided attention throughout the process, and after a couple of weekends spent viewing properties and two offers, we had our house. While we were visiting properties, they were knowledgable and honest about each area and ultimately that helped us to focus on the best possible neighborhoods. Finally, during the closing process they were always available for the variety of questions and concerns we had. In total, they were simply fantastic to work with, and we would highly recommend Tam Realty for any buyers considering them.

Ian S.

We were lucky enough to be connected with David and Kira in May of 2014. We had just finished traveling for the holidays, moving to Marin while our condo in San Francisco was on the market - all while caring for our first kid.

We met with them and weren't quite ready to jump into buying; we were exhausted from the moving and sale process. That plan went out the window fast... We told them what we wanted: schools, schools, schools, a place we could make changes to over time and a great community.

The following week they introduced us to San Anselmo. They knew exactly what we wanted because the first place they showed us was perfect. They knew we liked it but were also honest about what we'd need to offer in order to get into it and also about the fact that places like the one we ended up getting don't come up that often. (We actually ended up winning the bidding war and got the home).

David and Kira really work well together. David is a phenomenal resource at pointing out areas of concern when buying and talking with the inspector; it's like having your own home inspector on the payroll. And Kira knows everything about schools. They showed us a bunch of neighborhoods and she knew every school our kid would attend if that were the neighborhood we chose.

The best part about working them was that they gave us their honest opinion on everything. If it was a great house that they thought would fit our needs, they'd say so and tell us we should really consider it. At the same time, they'd tell us if they didn't like the house and why even if we already expressed a strong interest. I never felt like I was being pushed to make an offer so they could get a quick sale. To the contrary, I truly felt they were working for my best interest.

The most stressful part of the process was when we didn't follow their advice. David and Kira recommended using Jeff Bjork at First Republic as our lender. We went with a mortgage bank instead and it was a nightmare. Despite having great credit, two great jobs and more than 20% down, our lender was a nightmare even after it gave us the okay to remove the loan contingency. Do yourself a favor - listen to David and Kira and use Jeff Bjork as your lender.

If you're relocating to Marin County or the North Bay, you shouldn't consider anyone else. Just do everything David and Kira say and everything will work out.

Brian S.