Marin County Schools

If you are a parent, thinking of becoming one, or want to know how schools affect the resale of your home, keep reading.

Marin County offers some of the best education opportunities for our children and includes a diverse group of both public and private schools.  The well-regarded public schools take the top spot in national education reviews from magazines such as Forbes.  The accredited private schools are as varied as the landscape that surrounds them.  A fully democratic school sits alongside a simple one-room schoolhouse and next to a progressive school set in a community-oriented environment.  The schools are as unique as the people of Marin that created them.

The choices are here and are endless.  People move here for the schools.  Each family is different and will undoubtedly find the right place for their child's education.

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Marin School & District Web Sites

Visit any district or individual school web site below and receive in-depth information, phone numbers and a great sense of the schools curriculum and environment. 

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