Tam Gives Back


It’s Our Community. It’s Our Honor and Responsibility to Give Back.

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Community Outreach

We’re tough business-minded people with tender hearts. With a downtown San Anselmo office for 15+ years, we’ve always been fierce supporters of the local business community. We founded a nonprofit organization, San Anselmo Strong, to keep merchants afloat during the pandemic and partnered with a local photographer to raise money by highlighting our community at home. We host meet and greets for our local business leaders. We serve our town in positions like Planning Commissioner. We sit on Boards for organizations like Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships, Marin Association of Realtors and management teams such as Children For Change. We regularly sponsor local events like Live on the Avenue. We utilize our downtown office space to highlight local artists and

We know that giving back means paying it forward. This is where we live in community as leaders and people. It is an absolute joy and integral part of who we are as a team to donate our time, energy and funds to that which matters to us.

Why Work With Us?

We are market leaders. Plain and simple. We offer a variety of services to our clients. Most importantly, we offer our service which is invaluable in this market. Our work with hundreds of clients over 15+ years and our combined team of experts positions us to be the absolute best. The best at guiding you through this next chapter of life – whether it be buying your dream home or selling your current home for the highest price point possible.

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