Kira Swaim

A California native, from a young age, I always loved the outdoors.  Whether it was the afterschool soccer game or a good run, something about the sunshine always lightened my spirit.  Even today, nature is often the place where I escape and do my best thinking – both personally and professionally.

Upon entering adulthood, I began to shed some of my expectations surrounding what I was told I “had to do with my life”.  I began to realize the importance of personal satisfaction and the fact that life was really about the journey and not the destination.  It was about those I met and connected with along the way and the authenticity this brought to the journey.  Marriage, and later motherhood, strengthened this belief in my mind and together have created the essence of who I feel I am today.

Leaving my 10+ year career as a successful, professional marketer was not easy.  I was rising to the top of my field and leading the marketing teams at known brands such as Skyy Vodka, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group & Torani Syrups.  Yet, there was something about my day to day that just wasn’t fulfilling my spirit.  And, my workload and travel was stealing time away from my life with my new husband and my love for the outdoors.  It was time for a change.

I was no stranger to real estate.  I moved many, many times during my youth and learned quickly how to adapt to a new environment and a new home.  My mom was a real estate agent.  I remember open homes stealing my mom away on Sundays and the homemade cookies she would take with her.  My parents were savvy investors and had a knack for remodeling.  So, going into real estate seemed like a no brainer.

And, as the journey unfolded, I was presented with the opportunity to first work for a big brokerage and then start Tam Realty with my husband, David and another husband and wife team.  It’s been almost a decade since that decision was made.

One of my favorite parts about the real estate business is getting personal with my clients.  For, in this process, I can truly uncover what they really want and what is driving them in their purchase of a home or in their decision to sell one.  In an industry often stereotyped by inauthenticity and salesy, salesy types, I feel the foundation of a strong personal, trusting relationship with my clients is the top priority.  From there, add my relentless work ethic, and everything else seems to fall in place.

But, when it gets right down to it, my greatest joy in life is being a mom to my young daughters Mina and Coda and being grounded in my family life with my husband.  Work is the icing on the cake.  Together, the combination truly fills my spirit.

Contact Kira at  or 415.209.4750.