San Rafael

Welcome to San Rafael

San Rafael is the city and county seat of Marin and it simply can’t be described in one breath.  The downtown is perhaps the most “urban” of Marin complete with multicultural cuisine, independent theater, art stores, and eclectic boutiques.  It houses the Art Works Downtown, a bustling non-profit art center with galleries, artists’ studios, a jewelers guild, and more. The west end, adjacent to Sun Valley and closest to San Anselmo, is up and coming and boasts the ever-famous Johnny’s Doughnuts.  A bit north are the communities of Terra Linda and Lucas Valley with backdrops to open space, tight-knit communities, and the architectural splendor of Eichler, Alliance, and Kenny homes.

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We are market leaders. Plain and simple. We offer a variety of services to our clients. Most importantly, we offer our service which is invaluable in this market. Our work with hundreds of clients over 15+ years and our combined team of experts positions us to be the absolute best. The best at guiding you through this next chapter of life – whether it be buying your dream home or selling your current home for the highest price point possible.

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