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Outstanding and beyond expectations are a few words that spring to mind when thinking about how to review our recent home sale with David and Kira from Tam Realty.

We are fortunate to have experience of their real estate expertise over the past 8 years as both buyers and sellers. Their warmth, professionalism, honesty, enthusiasm, calmness and communication helped us through these significant life events which can be such a rollercoaster. As realtors they define the meaning of personal service, no question is too trivial or ask too much just trust there expert advice. As professionals they manage and guide the process with calmness and efficiency that makes it seem seamless.

If you are seriously looking to find your dream home in Marin, I would not hesitate to strongly recommend calling David and Kira. Their knowledge, network and connections will make this search successful and as a bonus you will get to develop a relationship with two the of the nicest people in real estate!

the Gallaghers

Des & Michelle - Buyers AND Sellers - on Google

They know San Anselmo and the surrounding Marin County area so well--and, most importantly, they understand their business and how to walk their clients through every step of the process from searching to closing--and the tips in-between have proved to be priceless (interior & exterior design & re-do visions, plus negotiations). I love these guys! And so does everyone else I talk to. Thank you for all of your help, Kira & David.

Kira & David Swaim of Tam Realty are an amazing duo!
Kira and David are the BEST! They helped us buy our home in July 2016 and they consistently went above and beyond through every step of the way. They have a great rapport with other agents, and every other person from financing to closing, which made a huge difference in making things run smoothly. They were so generous in sharing their network of contacts for everything we needed for our home even long after the closing. If you are looking for an agent that is incredibly knowledgable about the Marin market, values relationships over sales, and always has your best interest at heart, look no further!
Monica H.

We were lucky enough to be connected with David and Kira in May of 2014. We had just finished traveling for the holidays, moving to Marin while our condo in San Francisco was on the market - all while caring for our first kid.

We met with them and weren't quite ready to jump into buying; we were exhausted from the moving and sale process. That plan went out the window fast... We told them what we wanted: schools, schools, schools, a place we could make changes to over time and a great community.

The following week they introduced us to San Anselmo. They knew exactly what we wanted because the first place they showed us was perfect. They knew we liked it but were also honest about what we'd need to offer in order to get into it and also about the fact that places like the one we ended up getting don't come up that often. (We actually ended up winning the bidding war and got the home).

David and Kira really work well together. David is a phenomenal resource at pointing out areas of concern when buying and talking with the inspector; it's like having your own home inspector on the payroll. And Kira knows everything about schools. They showed us a bunch of neighborhoods and she knew every school our kid would attend if that were the neighborhood we chose.

The best part about working them was that they gave us their honest opinion on everything. If it was a great house that they thought would fit our needs, they'd say so and tell us we should really consider it. At the same time, they'd tell us if they didn't like the house and why even if we already expressed a strong interest. I never felt like I was being pushed to make an offer so they could get a quick sale. To the contrary, I truly felt they were working for my best interest.

The most stressful part of the process was when we didn't follow their advice. David and Kira recommended using Jeff Bjork at First Republic as our lender. We went with a mortgage bank instead and it was a nightmare. Despite having great credit, two great jobs and more than 20% down, our lender was a nightmare even after it gave us the okay to remove the loan contingency. Do yourself a favor - listen to David and Kira and use Jeff Bjork as your lender.

If you're relocating to Marin County or the North Bay, you shouldn't consider anyone else. Just do everything David and Kira say and everything will work out.

Brian S.

Kira and David Swaim of Tam Realty were the best agents we could have asked for, and they worked harder for us than we could have hoped. We recommend them without reservation.

We were given 120 days to move from our rental home in San Francisco at a time when both the rental and purchase markets were extremely competitive. We decided that purchasing in Marin was the best option for us, and Kira and David were referred to us by good friends who had done the same. They immediately set up a tour of several homes, designed to view several different styles and locations so that they could see our reactions and get a feel for what we really wanted. We knew we were in good hands when Kira handed us personalized binders containing information about the homes on the tour. They took our feedback from that day and went back to work setting up the next tour.

During the process, Kira and David were prompt, always available for us by text/email/phone, and extremely proactive. The amount of attention they gave us made us feel like we were their only clients. There was never any pressure or pretense. On that next tour we did find a house we loved. Kira and David put together a strategy to win it as there were certain to be other bidders. They advocated for us personally, won over the sellers, and got us our new home! We will forever be grateful for the work they put in - and that was just the beginning.

They continued to advocate for us throughout the closing process, taking care of innumerable details and keeping all of our ducks in a row for a successful close. We could not have done it without them!

If you are looking to move from San Francisco (or anywhere else for that matter) to Marin, Kira and David are extremely knowledgeable about the wide range of communities and the area, and the real estate subtleties in each. They have children and know all of the great things Marin has to offer for families. Their knowledge of the market and dedication to their clients are remarkable, so if you are considering a move to Marin, definitely call Tam Realty.

Ryan T.

Kira and David helped us find our house in Larkspur in July 2016.  They were a delight to work with, helping us understand the area - neighborhoods, school districts, price expectations.  We always felt like they had our best interest in mind, they were on top of the market / new listings, and gave us good advice without being pushy or presumptive.  We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with them and would highly recommend.

Julie T.

David and Kira worked exceptionally hard to secure us an off-market home in Marin. It was not an easy process but throughout it all they were accessible, patient, and thorough. Tam Realty markets its business as having an authentic human touch, and I think that is underselling it. They become family.

max e.

Fantastic service from start to finish!

When we first interviewed Kira and David we got the feeling they would be the perfect people to help us find our first home. Early on they were very patient as they guided us through local neighborhoods and showed us a personalized range of properties each weekend to help define what was most important to us. They were also very encouraging as we toured houses in a tough market, seemingly not able to find anything we wanted. Throughout their estimates of property sale prices were spot on and they were also on hand to give us a reality check when our expectations were unrealistic.

Their local connections and reputation were a huge extra advantage, helping us get an early viewing of a perfect house, right before we took a trip to Kenya. They were then able to gently guide us through the bidding process while we were still in Kenya and helped us deliver a winning bid. They went the extra mile, returning to take measurements, talking to planning on our behalf and checking out several minor concerns we had.
Our experience in finalizing the house was similarly great and they again went the extra mile, setting up a meeting with the old owners and local contractors to help make sure we had everything ready to move seamlessly once we closed on the property.

We really can't say enough good things about this awesome realtor who went the extra mile to help us find our first home. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

Paul E.

If you're buying a house in Marin, Kira and David are phenomenal. My wife and I recently closed on a house in San Anselmo and they both worked with us the whole way. Their expertise in Marin and their connections to San Anselmo are second to none. When we'd go look at homes they'd tell us about the town, the specific neighborhood, and many times even introduce us to people on the block that they'd sold houses to in the past.

We are so thankful to have found Kira and David, and are incredibly happy settling into our new home. If you have the chance to work with them, jump on it.

Aaron M.

Yelp, you've come through yet again.  I'm not one to generally write reviews, but Kira and David (and Yelp) absolutely deserve some recognition here.  As first time home buyers we knew little to nothing about the home buying process but knew we wanted to buy a home in Marin and knew the excellence of Yelp reviewers.  It did seem a little strange at the time to choose the agent who assists you with the largest purchase of your life based on a website (and yes we heard such comments from our family and friends); but in the end we couldn't be happier with our new home and none of it would have been possible without the knowledge, professionalism, patience and attention to detail of David and Kira.  

All the other reviews hit the nail on the head again and again with the quality of experience we had as well (other than the one nutjob review calling them "unethical" - nothing could be further from the truth).  Being happy first time homebuyers we don't have any other agents to compare against but here's why we thought they were great and would use them again if we ever bought another home in Marin:

- They know the Marin area extremely well
- They have lots of experience and in particular lots of experience with buyers
- They know and have good relationships with the other agents in Marin
- They know the whole home buying process and are great at explaining it to people who don't
- They have a network of people you can rely upon (or choose not to) throughout the purchase process (escrow, title, financing, inspection, repair, remodel etc.)

And above all they are extremely honest, decent, hardworking people who at the same time are enjoyable to deal with.


I don't think you can find a team of agents with deeper knowledge and expertise of Marin. David and Kira know the Marin school systems inside and out, have terrific advice for cost-effective ways to improve a property or tailor it to your specifications, and seem to know and get along well with every other agent out there (HUGE in such a relationship-driven business).  We couldn't recommend them highly enough. for anyone seeking a house in Marin (even though they're based in San Anselmo they're well connected throughout the county).

Gavin C.

My wife and I loved working with Kira and David to purchase our first home in September 2016! We were looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom condo in the Novato area, and they were able to provide lots of good advice, a friendly sounding board for our ideas, and ultimately our perfect home! We felt like they provided their undivided attention throughout the process, and after a couple of weekends spent viewing properties and two offers, we had our house. While we were visiting properties, they were knowledgable and honest about each area and ultimately that helped us to focus on the best possible neighborhoods. Finally, during the closing process they were always available for the variety of questions and concerns we had. In total, they were simply fantastic to work with, and we would highly recommend Tam Realty for any buyers considering them.

Ian S.

Kira and David are excellent agents!  We had heard about them through friends and randomly stopped by their office during the Annual Country Fair in downtown San Anselmo!  Although the day was bustling and they were in the company of friends and their children -- they still showed us undivided attention and connected over email within 24 hours.  Within three months of meeting they guided us through the process of purchasing an amazing home.  Their approachable demeanor, responsiveness to inquiries, and honest guidance are priceless.  If you're looking for a team of agents who are prompt, super knowledgeable, and respected within the real estate community go with Team Swaim!

matt r.

Once my husband and I decided we were ready to buy a house, we found David & Kira on Yelp and were able to get the process started so quickly.  It was easy to schedule an initial meeting and talk about what we were looking for, etc.  They were so flexible in accepting appointments around my difficult work schedule.  

We then spent a day driving around Marin to look at several neighborhoods and homes since we had only been living in the area a few months and had not identified our ideal neighborhoods yet.  We were provided a binder on our trip with information on each of the houses we visited.  They were so knowledgeable about each of the areas, the school districts, etc.  It was nice to have the insider perspective.

Within a few days of that trip, we were in contract.  They really sold us to the sellers and helped us get a great deal.  They have gone above and beyond in helping us through our inspections and the close process.  They have been so honest and straight forward throughout.  I recommend them whole heartedly.

Meagan C.

Kira and David are great people first and foremost. They truly made me feel 100% supported, with their friendly, focused and timely attention. They really know and understand this area and their expertise was invaluable to me. Realtors meet people at great crossroads in their life, and this was the case for me too. Twice. I have trusted them in buying and selling two homes in Marin and wouldn't hesitate to consult them in the future. The Swaims are an amazing team and I know they have my back with every detail. I wholeheartedly recommend TAM.

sally c.

I just finished buying a home with David and Kira Swaim of Tam Realty.
These two really are as good as it gets. They were very thorough, always prompt, patient and so easy to work with.
Buying a home can be very stressful and having a realtor to calmly walk you through the hurdles is valuable. There is a lot to be aware of, and frankly I needed an expert.  Their experience and knowledge of the local market was critical. We are in our new home and love it.

Curt M.

My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better team of realtors. With David and Kira, you don't have one person's expertise and knowledge, you have two! They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and want only the best for their clients, genuinely. They went above and beyond even after we bought our house with them to welcome us to the neighborhood - from helping us find the best places to eat, to recommending contractors. Do yourself a favor and work with them - they will not steer you wrong. A friend of mine had recommended going with them and I am eternally grateful! We have the best house in the best neighborhood thanks to them!

Vanessa R.

Let's face it, moving to Marin involves creativity! Houses are small and funky, lots are on hills, and prices are really high. If you want to buy here, you need a team like Kira and David that can help you see the potential behind the funky house, the view from the hill if you trimmed a tree or two, the location's charm and the high prices as a small price to pay for investing in an amazing lifestyle. Using their strong backgrounds in real estate and remodeling Kira and David masterfully helped us locate the perfect home, negotiate a fair price, navigate inspections, muddle through paperwork and they put together a team, including a great financing contact, that could bring it all to close despite some bumps on the seller's side. I am thankful to have had their combined expertise working on my behalf, every step of the way. I highly recommend! 

Elizabeth893 on Zillow