Renters Insurance for Pets: What's Covered?

Renters Insurance for Pets: What's Covered?

  • Tam Realty
  • 09/4/22
Animal lovers renting a property might wonder whether they have coverage in their renter's insurance for pets. What if your furry friend causes damage to your rental, or causes another resident bodily harm? These are just a few common questions your policy can answer.

Renter's Insurance Coverage for Pets

Many renter's insurance policies include pet liability coverage. This coverage typically includes both bodily injury liability and property damage liability.
One important exception can be dog bites. Most renters insurance will cover a dog bite under the bodily injury coverage, but many policies include exceptions for certain dog breeds. Check your policy details carefully to determine whether your dog is covered, or if you need supplemental coverage.

How Renters Insurance Can Protect You & Your Pet

Through bodily and property damage liability coverage, renters insurance can help you if you’re liable for a variety of situations. Injuries caused by your pets would be covered, as would personal property damage caused by your pet - with exceptions.
While your policy might cover damage for some things, it may have specific pet-related addendums. For example, it’s common for rental policies to include exceptions for damage caused by urine stains and odor, especially if it means replacing the carpet.

Adding Pets to a Renters Insurance Policy

Before getting a quote for a renter's insurance policy, you’ll usually be asked to provide info about your pets or other animals you keep in your home. If you have an existing policy and need to add a new pet, you can contact your insurance company to find out the next steps.

Renters Insurance vs Pet Insurance

The key difference between pet liability coverage in your renter’s insurance and pet insurance is only the latter is meant to protect the actual pet. Pet insurance can help recoup the cost of vet bills if your pet is sick or injured, but not if they ruin the carpet in your condo.
Regardless of whether you live in or own a rental property, this information is important for every pet owner to know.

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